Trailers Made in New England!
Made for New England Weather!

Dayton Trailer Sales conveniently located in Southern maine, we specialize in aluminum enclosed and open trailers, and steel trailers. See our inventory below, contact us or call at (207) 499-4205 for more information.

Aluminum Enclosed

Aluminum Open

Steel Trailers

2022 HU6.5X12FA-2.0

2022 HU 6.5×12 FA TILT 2.0

NF 7 X 18 TA T-TOP 7k W/Removable Side Rails

HODP6X12 W/upgrades!!!

HU80x14 w/Removable Side Rails

HLS6.5X14 Landscape Trailer

2021 North Force 7x16TA W/Removable Side Rails

2021 North Force 7x14TA W/Removable Side Rails

Xpress 6x12TA White/BrandyWine(PENDING)

NorthForce 101×12 Deckover SA

NorthForce 5x8SA Utility

NorthForce 7x12SA Utility

NorthForce 7x14SA Utility w/Removable Sides

NorthForce 6x10SA Utility

NorthForce 7x14TA Utility (0258)

XPRESS 6X12-IF SA White/Pewter

Malone EcoLight™ Sport Kayak Carrier (Fully Assembled).

White/Silver 7.5×14-IF

HU 80 x 14 AR 2.0

HU 5×10 WR2.0

HU 5x8WR 2.0

HU 72 x 12 WR 2.0

HU 72×10 WR 2.0

CAM 7 Ton Standard Duty Deckover Trailer 8.5 x 16 + 4(Black)